Carpet Repairs and Carpet Laying in Riverside, CA

Carpet Repairs & Carpet Laying

Carpets are an investment in the comfort and style of your home…Whether you have a small or large installation project, are in need of having your carpet re-stretched or require repairs to your existing carpet; Heaven’s Best is your carpet repair specialists.

Some of our repair services include re-seaming, tac strip replacement, pad replacement, carpet re-stretching, carpet patching, carpet installation and transition strip installation/repair. No job is ever too small.

When we re-stretch your carpet we never cut corners by using only knee kickers. The only thing we cut is the excess carpet when it has been fully stretched. We always power stretch using modern power stretchers and other appropriate tools used for stretching carpet.
Carpet LayingCarpet Installation
All of the installers we use are specially trained career carpet installation professionals. You can have confidence that every job is always performed with precision, skill and the utmost pride. We will work with you to ensure your experience is pleasant. Any questions, concerns or comments you may have will be addressed as a priority on the spot.
Things you should know about the installation process:
  • The sub floor is the floor in which your carpet will be laid on. In most cases it is a concrete slab or a wooden sub floor. The sub floor should always be thoroughly cleaned prior to installing
  • The sub floor (as well as the room and the carpet itself) should be at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit so the carpet will properly stretch into place.
  • In order to prevent damage to the carpet, large holes or cracks in the sub floor should be filled before the carpet is laid.
  • Placing seams under the primary natural light source is good. The added light will help hide the seams.
  • Placing seams under furniture will help hide them.
  • As much as possible, seams should be out of main traffic patterns.
  • Seams should not be directly over pad seams unless they are running perpendicular
  • The area where carpet is being installed should be ventilated to avoid the buildup of gasses emitted from your new carpet
  • The old carpet should be vacuumed prior to removal in order to minimize dust.
  • The piles (tufts of fiber) in your carpet have a direction. All adjacent carpet should be laid in the same direction.
  • The threshold between carpet and other types of flooring should be protected with a molding

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